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Play as Jill Evans and save her grandparent's store by baking your way to the top. Cake Mania 1 brings together a simple yet engaging storyline, fluid gameplay and one of the most addictive time management scenarios ever conceived: baking the most scrumptious looking cakes! This easy to play, mouse controlled game will keep players entertained for hours on end, with each stage challenge teasing you to take one step further each time. With the queues growing longer, customers getting more impatient and the kitchen getting hotter, it is up to you to get all those cake orders all boxed up in time.

Game Review

More on getting work done than actually worrying about baking properly, Cake Mania 1 Download is one game that will lure you in with its simple graphical style, light music and surprisingly addictive gameplay. While this classic title may seem a little old (it has been around for almost half a decade now) and its delivery slightly outdated, it is still an amazing game to play.

Cake Mania 1 game

Players get to control Jill Evans, who has decided to take care of her grandparent's bakery (more on that later). In order to do this, players will have to give out menus, prepare cakes, serve them to the customers and receive payment. The idea is simple enough, but the game will have players lining up tasks in their head in order to keep up with the steady stream of customers and the constant demand for cakes.

Cake Mania 1 is one of the defining titles in the time-management genre in terms of gameplay. It is one of the first major games of its kind that has managed to attract an audience across a wide range of players and more importantly, become one of the first successful advertising-revenue based free games to be distributed online. The success is hard to deny, since 2006 to the present, this game series has spawned up to five different sequels (not counting an expansion to part one and three downloadable content packs for the third game), with the latest version being "Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!" or Cake Mania 6 if you like the orderly name like us.


This casual little foray into the world of baking does not just happen randomly; protagonist Jill Evans comes home to find her grandparent's bake shop closed down by the power of a much larger corporate firm. Taking the challenge head on very much like Flo does in the Diner Dash games, Jill brings her grandfather's baking equipment and her grandmother's baking recipes in order to bring back the bakery to its former glory. It all sounds pretty straight forward, and it is. The game does not force you into odd legal issues about takeovers and capitalism, but instead, it enforces that old adage of working hard to get to the top.

Cake Mania 1 screenshot


The game has got some pretty old school charm, so players expecting super detailed sprites will certainly be disappointed. The younger target market on the other hand, will enjoy the fact that the animations are neat and the interactive elements are pretty easy to spot. We have to admit, this game is unpolished when it comes to the character sprites and the animations look quite rough (Sandlot could have used a couple more frames to smoothen out some parts). But these little factors do not take away from the game experience at all. In fact, the rustic look of this classic title adds to its overall appeal. Also, the game's brightly colored comic panels help provide the narrative content of the plot, this style is adopted by all sequels of the series, turning it into a signature feature that fans of the original will easily recognize.

In terms of music, it was actually pretty good. The BGMs keep the feel of the game alive - especially when you are not minding customers. It does feel a little displaced at times and the game experience hardly changes if you decide to mute the music. The sound cues on the other hand, are crucial factors that help players get through the busier and tougher later stages so we still recommend that this game be played with the effects turned up.


Cake Mania 1 Download established one important thing about time management titles: it was deeply involving - though not in the emotional sort of way gamers would be able to relate to a role playing title. Instead, CM's approach is a little more direct: getting you to invest your own time and effort into the title. Every single tip you earn is a testament to how fast you hand out cakes, which is a simple yet engaging task.

Cake Mania 1 game play

The basic formula that Cake Mania introduced is that customers would line up on the counter and announce their preferred cakes (and in later stages, additional orders). It is the player's task to command Jill around the bakery in order to create the cakes before the customer loses patience and walks out of the store. It is easy enough early on, with the time pressure hardly being a factor at all. In later stages, the orders become more challenging and the volume of things you need to do increases. Keeping up with orders means being able to streamline where you go and what you do.

Here is the quick rundown of the kitchen: the oven lets you bake the main cake layer and an icing machine applies the top coating. There is a counter on the side where the customers can line up and lastly, it is also where the payments can be picked up from. Additional content such as extra ovens or display cases can be purchased with the money you earn. Having more equipment allows players to serve more complicated cakes which help earn more money. It sounds pretty easy, but once the volume of the customers increase and the style of cakes being ordered starts to vary widely, expect a serious challenge.


This game has stood the test of time and is now starting to show its age. There are plenty of other cake games on the market and Cake Mania 1 game is considered to be one of the older titles. Still, the game manages to be fun. Ignoring all the small details, one cannot help but understand why Cake Mania has pioneered the casual game industry. Of course, there are new and better versions of the game available - namely its sequels, which has refined most of the gameplay elements. But owning the very first Cake Mania title certainly accounts for plenty of nostalgia and getting the first hand experience of playing the game that started it all. For being as addictive as it was when the game first came out, there is no doubt that Cake Mania deserves all the praise it has received. We give Cake Mania a determined granddaughter's 80/100.

Final Score: 80%

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