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Bejeweled 2 on steroids, this game is a must for all 3 of a kind freaks!

3 of a kind is back but this time with much more than you typical swap the gem formula. Bejeweled Twist throws many more spanners into the work to lay down an even greater challenge to all puzzle gamers. Defuse ticking time bombs and smash away rocks that attempt to blow your game into pieces! Download a free trial version now.

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Game Review

If you read my previous review on Bejeweled 2 Deluxe you will know I gave the last outing a rave review, commenting on how polished and refined the game was. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe having been released five years ago still to this day out ranks it's rival representing the epitome of casual gaming, it goes without saying the game has aged extremely well. So back in 2008 when I first heard the Bejeweled Twist game had been release after four years in development I wasn't quite sure what to expect, it was hard to see how much further the game could be taken. When four years passes in the gaming industry you'll generally find that a new version of the Playstation, the Xbox and the Nintendo has been released, so as you can see it's a serious amount of time. Add to that Bejeweled Twist is aimed at the casual gamer and you start to appreciate how much time was spent developing the game.

You can Download Bejeweled Twist full version by clicking the big green button above, it's well worth trying the game out before you buy it to give you a taste of what to expect compared to Bejeweled 2 Deluxe.

So did PopCap get it right? The answer is yes and no, yes Bejeweled Twist demonstrates some good casual gaming features, blending easy game play with great production features and a multitude of point scoring bonuses that perhaps Bejeweled 2 Deluxe lacked. The game has also been turned inside out, washed, dried, polished and put on the mantel piece! For me though the game just isn't different enough from its predecessor to be considered a complete success. Again though it's not all bad and if you stay with me I'll show you why it's still worth a download. Indeed if you have not yet played Bejeweled 2 Deluxe it is worth considering downloading the Bejeweled Twist game instead.

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Bejeweled Twist stays true to the series by remaining very much a casual game. Within minutes you are up and running and well into your casual gaming flow. A lot of the previous elements of game play are still the same so for gamers' that have played any of the previous releases, you will feel right at home. Where it does require a little more time is in the game's scoring elements. Discovering the new bonus features requires several hours of game play so don't be surprised if on first playing the game you start to think not a lot has changed from Bejeweled 2 Deluxe.

Bejeweled Twist game play consists of a board of 64 jewels of different shapes and colours. You must move jewels around on the board to form matches of three or more identical jewels. The twist in Bejeweled Twist can be found in how the jewels are moved. Experienced Bejewelers will know from previous games jewel matches are formed by swapping two jewels either horizontally or vertically. However in the Bejeweled Twist game grids of 2 x 2 jewels are rotated clockwise to form matches. Another change is that jewels are allowed to be twisted regardless of if a match is made or not, this allows the player to move jewels around the board freely by rotating them from grid to grid.

Bejeweled Twist game comes with four modes of play. Classic mode, this sees you play through a series of increasingly difficult levels. Along the way you'll encounter bomb jewels that come with a counter. With every rotation you make the counter ticks down. If a bomb jewels counter reaches zero you are then given one last chance to disarm the bomb by spinning the wheel, it really is down to luck at this point, and you'll need it because if you fail its game over! To remove a bomb jewel you have to match it as part of a chain. The bomb jewel forces player to keep an eye on parts of the board that aren't concerned with matching which adds a new dimension to classic mode game play, no longer can the player blissfully wiz through the game concerned only with building large chain matches!

Zen mode is the opposite of classic mode - its relaxing fun, and you can take your time. I would often use zen mode as a warm down after playing classic mode. In Zen mode there are no on board obstacles and no time restrictions, it's just you playing through a series of levels matching jewels until your hearts content.

Blitz mode encompasses full on, intensive game play. You are given just five minutes to match as many chains of jewels as possible. High scores can be accrued by combining large chains of jewels, combos (matching several chains in a row) and power ups.

Download Bejeweled Twist game for Windows XP and Vista in the full version format by clicking the link at the top of this review.

Finally there is challenge mode. Challenge mode is a refreshingly different mode of play that places the emphasis on solving puzzles rather than obtaining high scores. After playing Bejeweled Twist for several hours in classic mode a switch to solving puzzles of various difficulties offers a very a nice break. Examples of challenges include matching three red jewel chains in a row, matching two four jewel chains in one rotation and matching jewels until fifteen greens are available on the board.

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Not all modes are immediately available when playing the Bejewelled Twist game for the first time. The first mode of play available is classic mode, playing classic mode for several hours will unlock challenge, blitz and Zen mode.

Power ups in Bejeweled Twist play an integral part of high scoring. There are three power ups in total namely the flame jewel, the lightning jewel and the fruit jewel. Each power up is made available by matching a different amount of jewels. Match four jewels and you are presented with the flame jewel. Match a flame jewel as part of a chain and it will destroy a large amount of jewels surrounding it. Match five jewels and you are presented with the lightning jewel. Match a lightning jewel as part of a chain and it will destroy all jewels on the same row and column as it. Fruit jewels are a little more complicated to obtain as I'll explain now.

Bejeweled Twist comes with its little quirks that require a fair amount of game play to fully appreciate. By matching combos (several chains of jewels in a row) you top up what is called the multiplier. As the multiplier increases so do the amount of points gained from jewel matches. If you make a large enough combo of matches you will max out the multiplier and a fruit jewel is presented in game. These babies are by far my favourite power up, but be warned they become increasingly difficult to attain as you progress in the game. Match a fruit jewel as part of a jewel chain and it removes all jewels of the same colour on the board! This can be quite destructive and often leads to large follow up of jewel matches.

One other obscure feature of Bejeweled Twist is the bonus meter. This can be found in the bottom left of the screen. The bonus meter presents to the player a sequence of jewels that if followed awards the player with large amounts of points. The multiplier and the matching bonus are just two examples of the nice in game features that can be discovered with a fair amount of game, and perhaps it's these little quirks that demonstrate Bejeweled Twists strength. The more you play the more you are rewarded and the more you'll play some more!

Download Bejeweled Twist full version game by clicking the link above the video at the top of the screen. You can play the game for free for 1 hour to get a taste of more to come.

The production values of Bejeweled Twist are typical of a Pop Cap game, both the visuals and sounds are squeaky clean and highly polished. Complete a level and its Star Trek time, the points bar turns into a space craft on the back of which you hitch a ride through out of space to the next level. Oh and each level's board is hung on the back of a three dimensional, floating space object! The music is pretty mellow throughout the game, but it does pick up in places. For me though it could do with a little kick, perhaps a little more of a techno sound to it. A reoccurring theme in Bejeweled games is the voice of the commentator. Like Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, Bejeweled Twist has its own commentator who more than gives Barry White a run for his money (R.I.P. Barry). He regularly pops up in game to provide encouragement on scoring combos and power ups.


When taken as a whole I'd say Bejeweled Twist is well worth playing and if you have a decent amount of time to play, it will become deeply rewarding. If your a mad Bejeweled 2 fan and start to feel Bejeweled Twist is much of the same I'd say stick with it for a few hours and then see how you feel. It's the subtleties of the game uncovered by time that make it a really rewarding experience and perhaps allow the game to stand on its own two feet. I found after five hours of playing the game I was becoming tetchy when people were disturbing me and that's always the sign of an addictive game in my mind!

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Game Detail: 8/10
  • Addictiveness: 9/10
Final Score: 86%

Download Bejeweled Twist game for the Windows XP and Vista by clicking here. You can try the game out for free. If you enjoy Bejeweled Twist you may also be interested in Bejeweled 3.

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