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Learn when to hold 'em and when to fold `em in this exciting, user-friendly poker suite! Learn the ropes of several popular poker variations and sharpen your new-found skills at the practice table. When you're ready take your poker face to a real game; ante, call, bluff, and bet your way to the bank in this thrilling, educational card game! Go all in with Poker for Dummies!

Game Review

Beginners Guide to Poker game

Poker for Dummies, just like the series of books, leads the novice by the hand into the exciting world of poker. If you are completely new to the game and want to know what the hype about poker is all about, this title can be a great introduction and beginners guide to poker game. Poker for Dummies features three most popular poker games: Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, and 7-Card Stud poker. It features an excellent tutorial format to teach you the rules as some strategies. It gives you the chance to compete with the computer and demonstrate what you have learned. While the game may be 'too basic' for poker enthusiasts, even the old players still need to remind themselves of the basics on the odd occasion.

Super starter for newbie's

If you are just learning the game, you have probably gleaned some of its rules from the net or from a variety of books but just in case you have never read anything about poker. This game helps you to practice what you have learnt elsewhere. It will allow you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in your own game, so you know the areas you need to work on. This makes the game one of the better on the market, because few of these games evaluate your playing style, and when you know where the weaknesses are you can focus on drawing up new strategies.

For a complete newbie, Poker for Dummies is a great beginners guide to poker game. Just click around the interesting set ups in the game, and you will learn all you can about three of the most exciting variants of poker. In true For Dummies style, the game teaches you the rules, then goes on to quiz you on them, which is a great way to learn. There is also an interactive tutorial that makes sure you have grasped the basics. It is much more fun than reading a book and answering questions at the end of chapters, which can get quite tedious.

poker for dummies game

Poker for Dummies has a decent interface which reflects the 'For Dummies' brand. There is help and hints at most levels in easy to follow type style. The game's objective is to teach you the basics of the game until they become second nature. It trains you well by focusing on the essentials of poker, leaving aside the 'glamour and glitz' of all the tournament style games that you see on television.

Your helpful guide

Once you pass through your beginners level, you move to the table where a personal coach will put you through the paces. It is an excellent place to practice what you learned. Deciding what types of hands to keep and which ones to fold are vital to your survival in poker. The coach offers hints, but you must try to figure out for yourself whether you would make the same choices. It pays to learn your own shortcomings, as you can focus on improving those aspects of your game.

You initially get $400 play money to enter the game, and compete against AI players who use different strategies to test what you have learnt. Starting with small bets in low limit games, you have the chance to build up enough winnings to move into the big leagues. Once you have amassed $10,000 you enter the no-limits arena.

Beginners Guide to Poker screenshot

One of the problems with the teaching method of the game is that it advises you on your next move only based on the cards you hold. It seems to ignore what moves the other players are making or what are the community cards. All these factors also have a bearing on what you would do with your hand in a real game. This is a part you have to work out on your own, which is not a bad thing because if everybody played their cards the same way then you would be easy to 'read'.

One of the handy features of Poker for Dummies is its odds calculator. This allows you see what your chances to win are, if you held on to your hand. It bases its odds on the cards you hold as well as the community cards. It also gives you a fairly good idea of what is the likelihood that you could hit a hand. This calculator does give you an edge in the game, but you should only use it as a handy learning tool, and try to get rid of it further down the line.

The aim of the game is to win enough moolah at the poker tables to become the wealthiest dude in town and go on a buying spree. The properties you can buy around town are listed as San Antonio, El Dorado and so on. Hovering you mouse on them reveals their price as well as their earning potential. You can make a tidy income to combine with your poker winnings. You can also buy other things like wagons and carriages to travel to other nearby towns. You may end up buying a string of properties and become the Donald Trump of the 1880's.

Beginners Guide to Poker game play

The creators of the Governor of Poker Download have put a lot of effort into designing an interesting plot around a regular poker game format. The characters are unique and entertaining, and the real estate angle is quite refreshing. The game is produced in an animated cartoon format with colourful scenarios and characters. The sound quality is appropriate. The voices of the players and other characters in the game are distinct and quirky to go with their behaviour. The scenery of the Wild West towns and its typical landmarks such as saloons, stables, etc. are well designed. The game does not offer a multiplayer option, which is a disappointment, as it's always fun to play a round with real people.

After you have learned the rules of the three featured games and practised various strategies, Poker for Dummies can become a bit repetitive, but keeping the game running so you can teach yourself all of the basics is never a bad thing.

The game does not teach you very much about how to compete against real live humans, but this is hard because everybody plays differently. The AI engine of the game is a good standard, therefore, learning against these 'bots' is your best option as a beginner to poker. You get all different types of AI players that try and re-create the feeling of a live game, but it really depends on who you have on your table.

While Poker for Dummies does not have a multiplayer option, you need to play this game if you are new to the world of poker. However, at some point, you will need to close the game down in order to play against some real human players. After all, poker is as much about human emotions, as it is about rules and strategies. You can only experience this if you compete with other human players.


Poker for Dummies is a handy game to learn the basics of poker. For a beginner, it offers an entertaining way to grasp the rules and some strategies of three variants of poker. The teaching is in the no-nonsense, rigorous style that For Dummies is famous for. However, the game only has three game styles and no multiplayer mode. Poker for Dummies may not be so good for the advanced player, but is a must play for the novice and offers the best beginners guide to poker game online.

Final Score: 74%

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