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Wilson is a scientist that found himself in charge of a daycare and you have to help him take care of a few babies at the same time. Luckily, these little angles are adorable, so it will be easy to forget that this is a time management game. As long as you know how to keep the babies entertained, you won't have any problems in Diaper Dash, even after the nursery becomes very popular and more parents decide to bring in their children day after day. This is probably the only baby game that can offer entertainment after mixing cute babies and stressful situations.

Game Review

The story starts with Wilson working at a scientific facility. Because they are trying to invent a new device that will put babies to bed with ease, no one is allowed to hold the babies until they come up with the right formula. One day, Wilson takes a look at a crying baby and decides to break the rules. Unfortunately for Wilson, but luckily for the baby, the scientist decides to hold him, which is not the best career move. The boss fires Wilson and this is where you start getting involved in the baby game. In an interesting profession change, the scientist becomes the owner of a daycare. Wilson has some experience with babies and he is pretty good and taking of them, but more sooner than later he will have too much work on his hands.

This is a point and click game: you simply have to click on the baby you want to hold and move him to the right location. A cloud will appear over the baby's head every time he or she wants something and you need to move fast if you want to keep them happy. In the meantime, you also have to make sure that the daycare is clean because parents won't be happy with your performance otherwise. The idea behind this game is pretty simple and everything makes sense. Many games these days come with counterintuitive situations, but this is not the case here. The simplicity is refreshing: when you notice a dirty spot, you have to click it and Wilson will start cleaning. If a baby is crying, you can click him and move him to the feeding area.

Baby Game: Diaper Dash Game

Even from the very first level, you will be completely aware of the fact that this is a time management game. Most babies will constantly want something and you won't have a second to spare. On the upside, you will earn money from your first day and you can use the amount you have for buying a few upgrades that will improve your speed or efficiency. Buying the right upgrades is a key part of the game and you have to choose wisely if you want to advance to the next levels with ease. If you don't choose the right upgrade, you will have a hard time dealing with the difficulty of your next level, so try to read each description carefully and figure out how much money you can afford to spend. Because Wilson is still a scientist, it is no wonder that he will come up with some very useful inventions at some point during the baby game. You can keep track of everything between levels. This second dimension of the game will make you feel like the work you put in is not for nothing. Plus, the new items you can buy will be helpful in the future.

Because keeping the babies happy is a very important part of the game, it is nice to see that the developers have added a simple mood monitoring system: five hearts above the babies' heads. This makes keeping track of each baby much easier and you will instantly know whom to prioritize depending on their particular needs.

Baby Game: Diaper Dash Screenshot

Cleaning after babies and putting them to bed is not the ideal way of having fun for most people, but the Diaper Dash Download somehow makes it entertaining. Even if you do it everyday in real life, taking care of these kids is not that difficult and, surprisingly enough, stressful situations can be entertaining. The graphics play an important role in this because each new baby that is brought into the nursery is cuter than the next one.

Diaper Dash game is a very long game: 50 levels. Fortunately, the babies are quite entertaining and some of them seem to have a unique personality. It won't be long until you will know which babies want to eat a lot or which ones will need many diaper changes. This is one of the best parts of the game: every baby is different and every day is special in its own way.

I liked the fact that at first you only have to deal with a few basic needs and the day is over, but once you get into it you will have to focus on placing each baby in the right crib according to their gender or you will sometimes have to answer the phone or take care of other details. These little things make a big difference when you are playing the baby game, especially considering the fact that it is all about making the right move. If you are good at orientation, you won't have trouble taking care of up to 12 babies at the same time.

Baby Game: Diaper Dash Gameplay

Each level of the Diaper Dash Download comes with a pre-set goal. The only way to achieve maximum score is by focusing on the needs of each baby and moving as fast as you can. If you make a few mistakes, you can still advance to the next level, but most people will replay the same day over and over again until they obtain the maximum score.

This game is difficult, but in a fun kind of way. You will feel part of the daycare as soon as the game starts and even more after you buy upgrades and receive a few extra cribs. After that, it is all about clicking around the screen in the right order. You can stack actions on top of each other, so if you know how to anticipate the needs of each baby, you won't run into difficult situations for the first few levels. After that, things will get complicated, but you wouldn't step away from a challenge, would you? You won't have a choice because Diaper Dash is a very addictive game and even after finishing those 50 levels you will still go back to some days and try to get a higher score. The combination of great graphics, simple gameplay and cute babies is not something you can walk away from, so you can expect playing this baby sitting game for a few hours, even if you are not particularly fond of time management titles.


In the end, Diaper Dash is one of the best time management games out there. The story behind it is quite cute, the babies are even cuter, and the levels are challenging, but not impossible. If you are fast enough and you know how to handle stressful situations, you will surely receive the expert score every time.

Final Score: 88%

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