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Rating: 89%

Return to the skies and visit incredible destinations in Airport Mania 2 - Wild Trips, a fun time management game! With whimsical music and visuals made to make you smile you're sure to enjoy the unique locations around the globe.

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Game Review

The wise and smiley planes are back in the follow up to an old time management classic, Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips sees you travel the globe and land planes in some very unique destinations including the North Pole where you will lend a hand to Santa Clause and the exotic Tiki Taka Island where you land planes on the sea.

If you've played the first game you will know what Airport Mania is all about. Your aim is to land multiple planes on multiple runways trying to keep the delivery of passengers and parcels to the airport as fluent as possible. Of course it's not just a one dimensional time management game with little to do except land the planes, you also have many other issues to deal with relating to your smiley flying friends, including colour coordinating the planes with the gateways, refuelling the planes, repairing the planes and keeping them happy whilst waiting.

So how does the second game fair to the first? Well there is a tutorial pretty much the same as the first where you can attend air traffic control school and get use to the basic aims of the game. If your an experienced Airport Mania game or a time management pro due to other similiar games, i'd skip this!

The graphics are very similar to the first, but then again you couldn't fault the original game's graphics so there was no need to change the perfectly polished cartoony visuals.

There are a lot more varied stages (worlds) in the Airport Mania 2 download. With 9 different places to land the airplanes you will not get bored so easily. The exciting stages you play through are:

  • Stage 1: Amazing Arches Municipal Airport
  • Stage 2: Tiki Taka Island Airport
  • Stage 3: Monsterville Regional Airport
  • Stage 4: Northpole Regional Airport
  • Stage 5: AirBorne International Airport
  • Stage 6: Serengeti Regional Airport
  • Stage 7: Antartic International Airport
  • Stage 8: Carrier International Airport
  • Stage 9: Lunar Cresta Interplanatary Spaceport
airport mania 2: game stages

Each stage has an increasing number of rounds meaning further challenge variety within each stage. The first stage starts off with 7 rounds and by the time you reach the Lunar Crest Interplanatary Spaceport your faced with a whopping 15 rounds of multi tasking fun.

With such a bunch of imaginative scenes for airports it's clear to see the developers have put more effort into the landscapes this time round, where as in the first game the change of scenery was pretty bland. Each stagerepresents an exciting new land to progress to, I particularly like the idea of the last stage being on the moon!

The first stage of the game is a doddle and really can also be classed as an easy introduction in how to play the game without the need of attending air traffic control academy. There is little multi tasking and time management needed.

airport mania 2: first stage

As with the first game after the first round you have some cash to splash in order to help make your life easier when controlling all the airplanes flying into your airport. This time though there is more variety as to what you can upgrade in your airport with some of the new additions including:

  • Painting Layover Space: Grants you the ability to repaint planes to match the gateways making it easier to achieve colour matching combo points.
  • Short Range Radar: Enables you to see which colour planes are coming next so you can better prepare for colour combinations on take off's and landings.
  • Regional Jetline: An improved airplane that allows more passengers on board for higher points to be collected.

Throughout the Airport Mania 2 download there are plenty more upgrades available to keep things fresh, with more creative upgrades compared to the first game.

Keeping customers and airplanes happy is the main aim in both Airport Mania 1 and Airport Mania 2 downloads. This means getting the customers unboarded as quickly as possible and getting the planes back in the sky. Both aims are equally important and can be met by not keeping any plane waiting too long to land or unboard. A classic mistake is forgetting you parked a plane up and ordering a more recent one that has landed to unboard first. You can find yourself making this mistake as early as the second stage in the game if your not careful.

airport mania 2: happy customers

You can find yourself stretched in Airport Mania 2 game after just the first round of the first stage, but with a cool head you should overcome the early rounds with little problem.

By the third round of the first stage you will start to notice that Airport Mania 2 has a greater variety of airplanes to learn about and to also be more mindful of. Where as the first game had only a few planes to bare in mind, the second game introduces many more planes early on and has a wider range of factors that you need to consider when landing and unloading them. Important factors include:

  • Number of passengers the plane can hold
  • The level of patience the plane will exercise whilst waiting to unload it's passengers
  • How fast the airplane can load and unload passengers
  • Maximum earnings derived from landing, take off, arrival and departure times
airport mania 2: greater variety of airplanes

If you are to become the perfect air traffic control manager and master the skies you will need to learn about all these factors of the varying airplanes so you can priortise their landing, unloading and taking off times, how confusing yet challenging!

The need to refill your planes gets introduced right away in round 2 of Amazing Arches which is a welcome implementation because without this extra task the landing and unloading of airplanes would already be too easy. One adjustment I would have like to see the developers make is a difficulty setting from the start because for an experienced time management casual gamer, this game can feel slightly on the easy side once you grow accustom to how the game works.

I got past the first round with little trouble and although I wasn't maxing out the scores and achieving master and above on some of the levels I was comfortably whizzing through the levels with atleast 1 star to my name for each. So the question was, would round 2 be any different and would it really pose so much more of a challenge?

airport mania 2: amazing arches airport

I suppose you could consider achieving the max score more of the challenging aim for each round than simply passing each level.

In Tiki Taka Island it did feel like the challenge was cranked up slightly with more planes coming into land on the sea! There was also a giant octopus that appeared in round two and beyond that needed beating down before it destroyed my planes, this was also a welcome addition. Although I think it would have been more challenged by multiple enemies interfering with my air traffic management. Nevertheless the change of scenery was very much welcomed and the new landscape was cute and well designed, especially the idea of landing in the sea as opposed to dull run of the mill concrete!

airport mania 2: tiki taka island

Round 3 of tiki taka island started to crank up the pace with the introduction of the repair warehouse where some of the planes will request to be repaired at a really inconvenient time so it's another task you will need to factor into your air traffic management schedule.

Purchasing an extra gate was also a good choice as it helped me avoid being overwhelmed with the number of planes to deal with, I guess I spoke too soon about the lack of challenge!

In the Airport Mania 2 Download you will find that if your going to reach the top money you will not only have to land and unload planes swiftly, but you will also have to colour coordinate for the maximum bonus. This can leave airplanes waiting longer than usual to unload at the correct coloured gate and you will need to find ways of entertaining the planes so they don't get impatient. Having more than one waiting area is a good way of doing so, but you will no doubt find yourself struggling at times to keep all the planes happy. Colour coordination for double bonus is definately a tricky obstacle but will pose a much needed challenge to keep the game fresh!

airport mania 2: scary octopus

The Scary Kraken!: one of the many obstacles trying to disrupt the smooth running of your airport!

airport mania 2: supreme score

My first 3 star rating was achieved on round 4 of tiki taka island and was accomplished through a combination of swift plane landings and excellent colour matching with gateways. Once you get the hang of combining the two you will become an air traffic control master and gain the kind of wealth to turn your airport into a hyper port! I must admit I was fully satisfied with my achievement. In the Airport Mania 2 game all your awards are kept in an award cabinet that you can view at any time by accessing the options in the main menu, this is a great way of seeing what you still have left to accomplish in the game.

airport mania 2: beverage service upgrade

In round 5 I bought the beverage service upgrade for air planes on the ground. This is an invaluable upgrade which ensures all airplanes remain happy when they are waiting to unload or take off and this means you can still gain maximum points from each plane even when one becomes less than happy for waiting! The option isn't always available, just like the optional spray paint to turn airplanes a different colour, the beverage service needs to be charged up before being used so use this upgrade wisely! (You will also loose this upgrade along with all others when proceeding to another stage)

airport mania 2 game: commercial jetliner upgrade

My final upgrade in tiki taka island was the hefty commercial jetliner that could hold 110 passengers and have a maximum earning capacity of a whopping $5,200! I would no doubtedly come across a few of these in the next round and was looking forward to their double bonuses for both early landing and colour coordination gateway docking. Unlike most upgrades, airplane upgrades are not lost when moving onto the next stage. (Otherwise what a waste that would have been!)

With tiki taka island now in the bag it was time to move onto Monsterville Regional Airport to see what spooky wonders awaited me! Monsterville airport is a halloween styled airport which has a gloomy outlook and creepy music, the complete opposite to tiki taka island airport.

The first round of the Monsterville airport caught me by surprise. After having a moderate last round on tiki taka island I wasn't prepared for managing an airport with only two gateways once more and so Monsterville round one was hectic. The airport soon became very congested with many airplanes wanting to land at once and with multiple tasks to perform (such as repair, refuelling and unloading), I didn't even achieve one gold star and so I needed to much improve in round 2.

airport mania 2 game: monsterville stage

For the second round of Monsterville I purchased an extra gateway, it was clearly needed and perhaps this made the round calmer, I was happy to achieve 3 gold stars and my second supreme score in the game!

Getting a supreme score (3 gold stars out of 3) is all about colour coordination in the Airport Mania 2 game. If you park colours up in the waiting areas (preferably VIP upgraded) as opposed to simply instructing them to unload under a different colour gateway, your patience will pay off with big colour coordination bonuses. You can then afford to have a few airplanes turn angry and still achieve the top score. So the biggest tip I have for Airport Mania fans is to choose colour coordination upon unloading over always maintaining fully happy planes!


To sum things up about this time management game, the Airport Mania 2 download offers enough in the way of new features, longevity and challenging game play to be worth the download and money. Although the visuals haven't been upgraded (not that they needed any more polishing) the new stages, themes (such as the previously mentioned Monsterville) and big monsters make the game a fully accredited sequel that all time management fans will enjoy.

Final Score: 89%

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