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Before the downloadable game came along...

There use to be one sure fire way of getting your hands on the latest games back in the good old days (the eighties and nineties in my case) and that was by visiting your local game shop. I remember I use to nag my parents until I was blue in the face to take me to Computer Man (an independently run game shop, they existed in the good old days) and buy me at least one of the latest games. Alas nothing lasts forever and how you acquire a game has changed somewhat, for me anyway it's a little more complicated as I shall reveal later. Now you can download full pc games and windows games through hundreds of high quality gaming sites online.

How you get the latest games is not the only thing that has changed, back in the good old days if you wanted to know what game was hot and what game was not you'd buy a computer games magazine and read the reviews, my favourite magazine of the time was CVG. The days of simple game reviewing and game purchasing are mere memories to me now. I guess what I am trying to get at is things use to be so much simpler back then. Sure some of the game buying process has been complicated by adulthood but that's not all. To illustrate this I'll take you through the process of buying a game then and later I'll show you the decision making process now!

Game Buying Process in the Good Old Days

  • (1) Which computer consoles do I own? Mega drive, SNES, Amiga, GameBoy?
  • (2) Ok I'll buy the latest copy of Computer Video Games Magazine (CVG).
  • (3) Nag parents.
  • (4) Nip down to your local computer games store and buy the game.

So as you can see you were limited for choices back then but in a way I preferred it, it wasn't so tedious and the effort required was minimal. Now I want you to imagine what you have to do if you're looking to get your hands on a computer game today.

Here are a few considerations...

  • What computer console do I own? There are many more out there today?
  • Where do I go to check out the latest games, the internet or buy a magazine?
  • How much time do I have on my hands to play this game? Remember many games are designed with a gamers' available time in mind.
  • How much money do I have available to spend? No longer are all games priced in a similar bracket.
  • Where do I buy the game from, the internet or do I go to one of the mega game retailers or even supermarkets!? Gone is your local independent game shop.

Check out the dilemma below I've assorted them into an ordered list.

  • (1) Which computer consoles do I own? Playstation, Xbox, Wii, PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Playstation PSP?
  • (2) Should I find reviews for the latest games on the internet and if so which website to trust or offers a realistic reviewing process?
  • (3) Or should I buy a computer games magazine for the latest game reviews?
  • (4) How much can I afford?
  • (5) How much time do I have to play the game?
  • (6) What if the game comes with additional items such as a steering wheel can I afford the extra cost?
  • (7) Where do I buy the game from, the internet or the games store?

Now I may have exaggerated a little above but I am certain things aren't as sweet and simple as they use to be.

Download Windows Games, PC Games, Xbox Games the list goes on..

As you can see above life has become more complicated for gamers. But I want to take you away from all that now. I want to take you to a simpler world for gamers' where many of those decisions have been taken out of gamers' hands. In this place you can purchase several high quality games for the price of a one computer console game. There is a new game available every day. There are even communities full of fellow gamers you can hook up with; these gamers will give you honest opinion about a game. Where is this mythical, magical place I hear you ask; it's the land of downloable games of course!

The concept of game downloads is nothing new it's been around ever since Java Applets came onto the scene. Java Applets allowed games to be downloaded through and played in your Web Browser. All you needed was the Java Virtual Machine, which use to come pre installed with Windows but now must be downloaded separately. Java Applets offered game developers an easy way to create highly interactive games that were deployable to the masses through a Web Browser. Indeed even to this day there are examples of cutting edge games still being written as Java Applets, you only need look at the Online Casino Websites - a lot of their stuff is written using Java Applets.

Moving swiftly on from Java Applets, downloable games have emerged fairly recently in two forms. There are flash downloadable games that are still played through your web browser, these are hosted in Adobe's Flash environment but they have the advantage of using Flash Vector graphics which are graphics that don't lose quality when resized. Flash also has its own action script language which takes a lot of the hard work in writing games out of game developer hands. Flash has led to games becoming a lot more attractive and interactive than Java Applet games. That's not to say it isn't possible to produce as attractive games using a Java Applet however it's perhaps not as easy, and a whole community has sprung up around free online flash games right now.

The second type means you can now download full pc games, windows games and mac games to your computer and then install them allowing it to run separate from your web browser. This type of downloadable game has really taken games to the next level. Not only are these games not limited to running in a predetermined environment such as Flash, they also have access to all your operating systems powerful gaming functions. This means faster and more attractive games can be developed. I really can't emphasis enough what a leap these games haven taken from Flash downloadable games. I've played many Flash games before and some of them have blown me away, but all I will say is download one of the free online games available under our download section and the difference in quality will become apparent immediately. Such games are playable on Windows, 2000, XP, Vista and MAC although Windows XP and Vista tend to be the most popular platforms to run the games on.

Download Turbo Pizza - Available for Windows 2000, XP and Vista

turbo pizza game

I have to admit I've not been downloading windows games for a very long time, perhaps a couple of months now, but that's all it's taken to get me hooked. The first windows/pc game I came across was called Turbo Pizza. I had a selection of hundreds of windows games to download and yet this one stood out from the rest. I'd checked out few screen shots of the game and was impressed at how visually spectacular Turbo Pizza looked. I then read the game objective and was struck by how simple the game sounded. After a few hours of play I was hooked!

Downloading Turbo Pizza for Windows/PC takes around ten or so minutes if you have a decent broadband connection, and although games may vary in size this is about the average download time you can expect for a game of this quality. Anyway back to the game itself, in Turbo Pizza you play alongside a couple who are looking to set up a Pizza Parlour. They decide to buy an old castle to house their first parlour in and you must help run the parlour. The game play involves taking control of Rebecca who wears the pants in the relationship, Robert her other half is the Pizza chef who takes orders from Rebecca. As Rebecca you take customer orders, prepare the orders and then serve them to the right customer. The customers are highly varied in appearance and temperament! Some customers are very impatient where as others are prepared to wait longer for their order. The customers vary from Large Impatient Ladies right through to golfers and even knights riding horses. Choosing whom to serve first and the order in which to prepare food can become quite tricky, especially when you can have up to six orders on the go at once! You can Download Turbo Pizza Here and it is available for Windows, PC machines on 2000, XP and Vista, it is not available for Apple Macs.

The items available for customers to order are highly varied along with how you prepare each item. Some items are ready within the click of a mouse, where as others may take several clicks and there can be a significant time delay between each click. However you can't afford to rest on your laurels you will often use each delay to serve another customer. Items available to order include pizzas with different toppings, cakes, ice cream, and cups of coffee and pop corn. Before playing make sure your stomach is nicely topped up or you may find yourself feeling very hungry! As each level in Turbo Pizza progresses you accumulate more and more money from successful customer orders. At the end of each level this money can be used for really cool upgrades to parts of your kitchen. Available to upgrade are the decor (which changes depending on where your parlour is located), kitchen equipment used for food preparation (ovens, coffee machines, cake selection), you can even put Rebecca on waitress courses which speeds her up. There's nothing like the feeling of having your pockets full at the end of each round, I found I couldn't wait for the end of each level to spend all the money I'd made!

Turbo Pizza is essentially a point and click Windows based game, there's very little effort required in learning how to play the game, which made it all the more compelling to play. I like games where I can just pick them up and play for half an hour without having to worry where I leave them and this is exactly that sort of download game Turbo Pizza is. No real memory is required for keeping track of where you are in game. Your progress is saved automatically so you don't need to worry about your machine shutting down unexpectedly, Turbo Pizza won't do this but I played it so much my laptop began to overheat. Oh one other warning you will have one hell of an aching finger after playing so be warned! Turbo Pizza, Bubble Town and other popular addicting games can be found in this download windows games section. We cover all classics and the latest pc games so please keep checking our site for more exciting reviews.

Download Bubble Town for Windows XP and Vista

bubble town game

Another great downloadable pc game of note is Bubble Town. This was the second game I downloaded and I enjoyed it immensely. Bubble Town has a long and established history having originally been released as Scrubbles to a muted response, it was then rewritten for the mobile and Face Book and renamed to Bubble Town. The game's popularity took off within weeks of its release and it now has a bit of a cult following on Face Book.

Bubble Town is available for Windows XP and Vista for the PC.

In Bubble Town you control a firing gun that spits out bubbles also known as borbs towards the top of the screen. The top of the screen has a collection of borbs that vary in colour clustered together. The aim is to shoot a borb at the cluster and match three or more borbs. The matched borbs are then removed from the top of the screen along with any hanging borbs below the match. The game sounds pretty simple and it is, but that's what makes it so addictive, it's a fun and easy game to get into.

The borbs in Bubble Town vary quite a bit in appearance and personality. Each borb has its own unique face which can be anything from a borb with lipstick to an armoured grumpy borb! There are even borbs that have arrived from out of space called Lumps that cannot be matched as part of a chain. To remove them you must match borbs around them.

Bubble Town is playable in two modes, Arcade in which you are given a series of challenging levels full of borbs to clear. The more exciting mode for me was the borb journey you can take in which a storyline plays alongside a series of levels. Out of space borbs called Lumps have invaded borb land and you must make your way through the levels taking out the Lumps. Along the way you will fight Borb Bosses of various sorts which nicely break up each section of levels.

Bubble Town will undoubtedly be compared to the likes of Puzzle Bobble and games such as Columns and Tetris however it does have ideas of its own. Along with animating the borbs there are several power up borbs that can be collected. A power up borb is collected when a chain of borbs is matched around the power up borb. Power ups range from borb shooter upgrades that show you exactly where your borb is heading right through to borbs that clear all other borbs in their path when fired.

Another defining feature of the Bubble Town game is that levels can appear in two different modes namely straight up and ball. Straight up is as previously described. Ball sees you inside a hexagon rather than a rectangular board. Each time you fire a borb the hexagon rotates along with the borb cluster. The borb cluster is centrally located in ball mode. Ball level mode can make for very confusing play, its very hard to build up borb matches so it's a little more challenging than straight up mode.

So you must be thinking how you do die in the Bubble Town game, can you fire endless borbs until you find enough matches to clear the board? Unfortunately the answer is no, your borb shooter is fed by a tube of borbs, after the tube is emptied the cluster of borbs at the top of the screen lowers, or rather more borbs are added. If enough borbs are added to the cluster the whole board will be swamped with borbs at which point its game over. In ball mode instead of the cluster of borbs heading towards the bottom of the screen the hexagon shrinks inward, when the hexagon makes contact with any part of the borb cluster it's game over.

Both Bubble Town and Turbo pizza are prime examples of the differences between casual windows games and hardcore full pc games. Casual downloadable games focus on simplicity and ease of play and do not require a huge amount of your personal time to learn how to play. Download windows games with trials available for all casual titles. Big Fish Games has a vast collection of fun games to play for free before purchasing them for a super low price of only $5.99 each! Definitely check their site out today.

The likes of Massive Online Multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft and standard PC games such as Far Cry, Half Life or PC strategy games such as the Heroes of Might and Magic series require so much more of your to master that you can become obsessed with them. Casual games give those without a lot of spare time the chance to enjoy an equally magical interactive and wonderfully made game as the more hardcore types. We will be continually expanding our collection of full pc games and windows games to download to cater for both casual and hardcore fans.