Virtual Online Game World

OurWorld is a virtual online game world in which gamers hang out and have fun in an ever growing number of unique ways. Featuring a rich world of shops, restaurants, bars and a whole host of flash and casual games to play plus much more this virtual online world is the perfect place to be if you want to follow the latest teenage trends and fashions.

Anyone can register, create a character and play the game for free. You can create a boy or a girl character; choose your own name and customise exactly how he or she looks.

Want to chat with other players and make friends? You can do both by adding people to your friends list or you can openly talk out in the virtual world to anyone. Also send emails, leave comments on peoples comment boards and even spend time with each other in your own condo!

On top of that this virtual world online game has the greatest clothing and fashion ranges on the internet to choose from, you can look super cool in front of all your new friends!

In fact you may be blown away by some of the funky and audacious clothes that people wear. There is a huge range of clothing to try on and choose from in the many clothes shops in the game. Just create a character and enter for free now to check it out.

Virtual World Games Clothing Shops

Virtual World online has some very unique and glamorous clothing shops for girls and boys with items from one piece outfits and coats to gloves, hats and special accessories.

The current clothing shops are:

  • Threads: Buy some cool new threads!
  • Blue Cow: Exclusive blue cow designs
  • Sugar Star: Sweet, Edgy and bold
  • Lady King: Sophisticated and chic designs by Vernicia
  • Edwin's Clothing (requires skeleton key)

So with all these super trendy clothing shops what kind of outfits can you get your hands on? Take a look at some of the screen shots on my blog here of the type of clothes you can dress your character in then why not create a character and play in the virtual world for free yourself.

Change Your Characters Appearance at Anytime

Possibly one of the greatest features in this virtual online world is the ability to change your characters appearance at any given time in the game.

By appearance I mean every single detail from facial features such as the shape of your eyes and eye lashes through to body size and skin colour!

So if you get bored of your characters appearance you can instantly change it to a completely different looking character as opposed to having to create a new character all together.

Fun Personal Features

Some of the most fun profile features include a photo album where you can capture a screen shot of any moment in the game and store it in your profile. There is no limit to how many photos you can store.

You can buy any photos for 10 gold coins each and then keep them in your inventory for other players to see.

You will also have a comments section where other players can leave you quick comments whether you are on or offline. You can then catch up with these players later by leaving comments in their box or by even emailing them.

Yep that's right on top of a comments box you also get the chance to send anyone who has a character in the virtual world game online a message by email. Emails are stored separately to comments and this is the best way to catch up with friends privately if they are offline.

When a player does come online you get a prompt from a pop up box alerting you that they have logged in very much like yahoo and msn messengers.

By the way if you send a friend a message in the comments box it's not private and other players can see what you write so beware!

Finally one of my favourite games can also be played for free! Bejeweled 2 is available to play for as long as you like in the PopCap Arcade. I really hope they introduce some more cool PopCap games to OurWorld. This is by far the best place to play Bejeweled 2 online as when the game is loaded there are no ads and the screen is a nice size making the experience more enjoyable than playing on PopCap's website.

It would also be cool if the makers of OurWorld would create a PlayFirst arcade to put all the games like Diner Town into. Perhaps even extend OurWorld to have its own DinerTown.

What I would like to see in future!

One of the features I would like to see introduced in future is theme chat rooms where people who share common interests in the real world can hang out and openly chat to one another.

This would be an even better way of making friends you have lots in common with whether it be the same fashion sense or the same real life hobbies.

To take it to another level what I would really like to see more of is location based chat rooms where players who come from the same country or city can chat and form great friendships.

More healthy and alternative snacks at Flo's Diner would also be cool, this could encourage people to try different foods in real life instead of us just hamburger and fries, its way too boring and too much like McDonalds.

At the Sideshow theatre how about showing some cool television shows or at least some clips from them like some teen TV dramas and even movie trailers of upcoming comedies and musicals.

Enough talking, enter the virtual world online game now by clicking the not a member link in the top right hand corner of the screen.