Those of you searching for the impossible game take comfort in the fact that you've come to the right place! This is not just any old game that claims to be impossible to complete, it is as the title proclaims it to be - The World's Hardest Game.

I have to admit I'd never heard of the Impossible Game 2 until the other day when I became bored and started doodling and googling around online. I wanted to look for difficult games to crack so I started searching for the usual "difficult games", "hard games to crack", "impossible games" and then low and behold I found a game with the emboldened title "World's Hardest Game to Crack" that's some claim.

I was intrigued at just how impossible the game could be and what was it that made it the world's hardest game. I started to think along the lines of an episode of countdown accept with a twenty letter conundrum and fifteen seconds to solve it! Much to my surprise I had a block on the screen, I had to move the block around to collect coins and then make a dash for the exit. In between me and the exit were a few blocks sliding vertically up and down.

Ok, ok, the above description is a bit too simple so here is a slightly lengthier version. You are in control of a block. The main aim in the impossible game 2 is to move the block around a tiled area and collect coins. Generally these coins are protected by sliding blocks much like your block. Once you have collected all the coins on the screen you can precede to the exit and on to the next level.

Sometimes there are intermediate steps within a level such as a key has to be collected before the next part of a level can be reached. If you are hit by a moving block the coins you have collected reappear and you start at the beginning of the level. The two key qualities one must have to conquer the World's Hardest game is patience and timing as there is very little if any room for error.

Anyway having played the training mode I was feeling mighty confident about completing the game or at least reaching its end level. I even started to think the developer was a bit of a sarcastic sod naming the game the World's Hardest Game. After the first few levels and twenty odd deaths I was still feeling quite good. However I soon began to find myself getting more and more frustrated. The more I died the faster I would speed in with my block head first and again I would die. One hundred lives later and a few levels on I called it quits. I thought to myself I am in my late twenties and still have most of my hair so I still had something going for me, time to close the hardest world's game.

Throughout the impossible game 2 you are allowed an unlimited number of deaths which is perhaps your saving grace! I cannot imagine anyone completing the whole game with less than fifty deaths.

The game's background music is a looped melody that doesn't get too annoying (if it does you can always mute your pc) and the sound effects are crisp enough. The game gives off a punch like noise whenever you are hit by a block which is quite apt, I can imagine in the later levels it feels like a punch in the face. Between each of the levels are motivational messages that inform you of how foolish you are in thinking you can complete the game. I think it's the developer's way of having a bit of fun but after a few levels it does start to make you feel like it's you against the game!

Having given up on the World's Hardest Game I decided to Google around a fair bit and check out the competition I figured someone must have gotten past level seven and after a few seconds I found someone who not only had completed level seven but finished the entire game. To rub it in further they had posted a video on YouTube which is followed by the usual barrage of jealous abuse! "Get a life", "I'd rather be better at anything else" - these are the supremely jealous types I mean why do they bother watching in the first place! The video shows the player progressing through levels forty to fifty intricately weaving in and out of a labyrinth of sliding enemy blocks. I can only imagine he mustn't have slept in days it's quite phenomenal to see.

I have been told by friends that after playing the impossible game 2 for several days you begin to see the sliding blocks as unified patterns, and the timed openings are easier to spot. I remember something similar happening to me on vector effect where after a few hours playing I no longer saw enemies on the screen but spaces I could safely move my craft into. I can only hypothesise it's a result of your brain learning to process the information more efficiently and throwing away the irrelevant stuff.

The World's Hardest Game 2 is perhaps not the hardest game in the world but it is very difficult to master!

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