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The first game - run soldier run generally got a great score from many sites with a lot of fans appreciating its simplicity and original concept. However some believed run soldier run to be a bit too simplistic and lacking real challenge and skill and so not all fans enjoyed playing the first game.

Along comes Run Bobby Run which takes the game series to a new level, featuring more action, superior graphics and a much harder challenge. Where as in the first game it took a while for players to get into the game due to its initial lack of action and how easy it was to avoid the missiles, Run Bobby Run bridges this gap and throws you straight into the attack giving you little time to avoid incoming air raids. There is a battle copter that follows you along the way to lend support, giving the game a totally different dimension, more about that later.

The game removes the idea of controlling a platoon in preference of a lone soldier and a battle copter; you're looking to escape the clutches of evil general and his army. Your character is a stumpy cool Rambo guy with sun glasses and has the ability to run forward, back and jump at a slow rate high into the air.

I found it very easy to control the character making for great game play, the characters responsiveness to avoiding danger is just right. It is also enjoyable and easy to control the battle copter and soldier simultaneously.

Great Explosive Effects

The missile impact effects are very well designed, with the impact rocking the entire screen allowing the player to a greater sense of chaos and stress. Upon every missile hitting the ground (and hopefully not you) you will witness the cartoon smoke and fire effects that really bring the games attacks to life.

Apart from missiles, there is a flying wacky looking guy with a propeller on his head that floats around irritatingly shooting from above making it even more difficult to manage all the hazards on the screen, his attacks are some what timed but can be difficult to avoid should you have a 3 or 4 missiles also coming at you.

The helicopter fires similar to the floating spinny guy but adds a whole line of bullets instead of one, it teams up the propeller guy to mount a tag team assault at which point the projectiles stop falling from the sky as you look to take on this two formidable opponents.

The Battle Copter

Where as in Run Soldier Run you had minimal control over your platoon, with no ability and the features being dispersing and closing your platoon together, Run Bobby Run steps the idea up another level, with a battle copter at hand.

In addition to running and jumping bobby back and forward, you can gun down incoming projectiles using the battle copter. This offers a welcomed addition to your chances of survival which would otherwise be very slim.

However the battle copter can over heat if you keep firing for too long so it is better to use it in spurts and take precise aim than to constantly have your finger on the mouse button.

The copter offers you the ability to clear the screen rather quickly, but it can prove tricky to intercept every missile and there is always the chance of you getting too distracted whilst using it and your character eventually being struck too many times. Be careful!

The Scoring System

The scoring system is very simple on the game, the longer you survive, the more points you accumulate. Your high score can also be boosted considerably by the battle copter you control; by destroying the projectiles you receive an additional 100 points.

You're Health

You are given a decent amount of health which enables you to absorb a fair few attacks making high scores achievable and not impossible. Not only will you loose health from being hit by a projectile but you will also suffer a blow if you make contact with any enemies. For example if you jump into a helicopter.

Game Verdict

A huge improvement on Run Soldier Run, the Run Bobby Run game delivers a high action packed and skillful game where attack and defense are combined to create a game of panic and excitement and although the game could have been designed with a bit more depth and length, it will still delight many casual game fans with its instant pick up and play feel.

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Game Detail: 7.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 8.5/10

Final Score: 84%