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The Missile Command Game was released in 1980 by Atari. The game play involves defending your six cities from an onslaught of missiles by counter firing. Missile Command can become very tricky with enemy missiles splitting into further independent missiles which also attack your cities. You play a regional commander in charge of 3 anti missile batteries and you must defend all six cities from being destroyed.

Above you will find a neat Missile Command online flash version of the original game called 'lunar command'. It takes a similar plot to its predecessor. However the original game involved the player controlling three buttons to launch a counter-missile from 1 of 3 batteries. The player used a trackball to control the crosshair where as the in this flash version of the game you simply use your mouse. Nevertheless after trying the flash game we can guarantee the challenge is still present in hard mode.

In the original game only the missiles from the central battery were fast and strong enough to kill a smart bomb from a safe distance. When playing the flash game you only control one missile battery so theres a little less to think about!

Missile command's levels become increasingly difficult with missiles attacking at faster speeds and in a more abundant fashion. The enemy's rockets can at best destroy 3 of your bases per level. So it will take at least 2 levels for your go to end. You are limited to a number of missiles per level, so should you squander your shots, you will have to sit the rest of the level out with a bombardment of enemy missiles and no protection! Bonus points are issued for remaining cities and missiles remaining at the end of each level. Cities and missiles are also renewed at the end of each level. However a completely destroyed city cannot be renewed. You can nevertheless gain a city back after reaching 10 to 12,000 points.

There is no way of completing the original Missile Command Game. It just keeps going and going with ever increasing levels of difficulty. The game ends only when all of your cities are destroyed! You cannot win, only gain a high score!

As with most classic 80's games, Missile Command is not without its little quirks of interest. A bug is exploited after a player gains 810,000 points, after which you are awarded 150 extra cities! We can't quite understand how 150 cities can fit on a small arcade screen unless they had wings or were the size of atoms. On the 255th and 256th levels the scoring increases by 256 times the base value, insane! The more astute player can then see his score go into the millions. The game was only built to map 6 digit scores so at this point the game would automatically reset and return you back to the 1st level. However your score and saved cities would still be retained for you to play on endlessly!

A classic fact about the Missile Command game is that some crazy guy with obviously nothing better to do with his time clocked up a score of 80 million points back in 1983, well done Victor Ali you shall go down in history as a guy who almost killed himself achieving the highest score.

Missile Command was an immensely popular game from its release in 1980 through to the mid 1990's and persisted in out ranking many advanced games. Its stipulation is classic to the Cold War Era and National Missile Defense Program.

The game ranks as one of the all time greats in the golden age of arcades.

Missile Command has been so popular that it is still played today where it can be found on the Xbox 360 console with enhanced graphics. It was also ported on many other consoles and handheld game devices such as the Game Boy. Atari also offer an up to date version for the iPhone, if you have one it is worth checking out, you can download it from Atari's website.

Enjoy playing this version of Missile Command free online.