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Bubble Bobble Game

Bubble bobble was released in 1986 by Taito and received instant success and popularity in the arcades in all countries including the UK, North America, Canada and Europe.

Taito's action platform game combines elements of skill, timing and team work in a magical and epic 2d adventure.

The idea of the playing Bubble Bobble is to entrap monsters in bubbles and then jump and pop them. Bubbles come from your dragon's mouth and you have an endless supply. Bubbles can only hold monsters for a temporary amount of time so you will need to get your skates on to pop them.

You can now play Bubble Bobble online as a flash game above. Although it is not the original Taito version from the arcades it does have heavy similarities and represents a lot of fun.

bubble bobble arcade game

I have chosen to put the second version up as the main game on Games Lunatic because personally I think it's a better developed game than the one by Free Online Games which has an irritating loop of only half the original music. The dragons in the game also float too long when jumping.

Bubble Bobble 2 gets the game play right and is a much more enjoyable version even though it looses the original happy go lucky music. Back to the original game itself...

Unleash the Elements!

There are alternatives ways than the bubble to kill monsters in the Bubble Bobble game. Throughout each level bubbles containing lightning, fire and water float across the screen. When you pop these bubbles the elements inside are unleashed upon the monsters, each element has a different way of killing an enemy.

The water bubble unleashes a tidal wave that runs swiftly down the screen; the tidal wave will kill any monster it comes into contact with. You can also choose to ride the wave yourself, during this time you are invincible to all monsters. The limitation of the tidal wave is that it only lasts a matter of seconds and it can easily bypass flying monsters.

The fire bubble unleashes a row of flames that collapse down onto a certain surface area, in which case the fire can settle on more than one platform. This fire sticks around for a while and any monster that comes into contact with it will be instantly killed. Luckily enough all monsters are stupid enough in Taito's Bubble Bobble to run or jump into the fire. The limitation of the fire bubble is its lack of area coverage.

The lightning bubble in my opinion is the most powerful weapon in the Bubble Bobble game. When popped you unleash several lightning bolts that shoot across the screen at a diagonal angle killing many monsters. Every monster that is killed is turned into a diamond (mega points!)

Try play Bubble Bobble 2 Online now using the flash game above.

Nifty Moves and Tips to use when you play Bubble Bobble

  • Bubble Bouncing: Keep the jump button held in when your about to drop onto a bubble and instead of popping it you will begin to bounce on it instead.
  • Bubble Climbing: Spit a bubble out next to a wall and jump on it. When you have just about reached as high as you can with your jump quickly spit another bubble out and bounce on that. Keep going and you will be able to climb as high as you want.
  • The Monster Kiss: You can get close enough to a monster where instead of blowing a bubble at it and letting it float away, you blow a bubble and pop the monster at the same time. This is a particularly useful technique at the start of a level where your dragon gets a couple of seconds' head start on the monsters and you can creep up to one and kiss it!
  • In and Out the other end: You can ride a bubble from the top of the screen up and through to the bottom of the screen by bubble bouncing. This is required to complete some of the levels and to avoid some otherwise unavoidable situations in the game where you maybe crowded out by many monsters.
  • Internal Counters: Jump, pop or blow bubbles 51 times to make a special power up appear. Power ups include an orange stripy toffee that makes you shoot bubbles faster, a blue stripy toffee that makes you blow bubbles for a longer range and a pair of red shoes that make your dragon jump and run faster.
  • Extend: Pop the bubbles that will spell out the word Extend to gain an additional life. These bubble encapsulated letters come at random times throughout the rounds but your collection of letters will remain with you until you die so the likelihood is you will eventually spell the word.
  • Level 20 and 30 Secret Doors: If one of you lasts until level 20 without dying a secret door will appear which will lead you to a tomb full of diamonds, you will be laughing all the way home to the bank. The same happens if you make it until level 30.
  • Level 50 Warp: If one of you lasts until level 50 without dying a bee hive door will appear enabling both of you to warp to level 70 meaning you bypass 20 levels!
  • Full End Sequence: To get the true Bubble Bobble ending you must complete the game on two players in Super Bubble Bobble mode. To activate Super Bubble Bobble mode you must complete the game in 2 player and normal mode. Once you have done so there will be a hint at the end of the game that indicates you must discover the secret tomb at level 20. Play the game again on two player and get up to level 20 without one of the dragons loosing a life. Enter the tomb and you should find on the wall an inscription. The inscription' first line is the code you are looking for, decoded it should give the following character sequence ?SJBLRJSR' meaning Start - Jump - Bubble - Left - Right - Jump - Start ? Right. This is the code you should enter on the Bubble Bobble game title screen to activate Super Bubble Bobble mode.

Other Game Features

Baon Von Blubba

An evil, invincible monster that appears in any round after you take too long to kill the monsters. Once you see the sign ?Hurry Up' appear you have a short period of time to kill the angry monsters in the round, if you fail, baron von bubba will appear at the top left and right of your screens (only one will appear on one player). He can be avoided but he will eventually catch up with you as he has superior movement and speed. If you still manage to kill all the monsters he will disappear!

Level Designs

Each of the 100 levels has a unique landscape design and a unique combination of monsters which help the player keep interest during the course of the game. Some of the levels have only one particular method of completion meaning problem solving skills are also needed in order to complete Bubble Bobble.

In many of the levels words are spelt out through the landscape such as 'Run Away' or 'Congratulations'.

Monster Variety

There are 10 different monsters that are combined in different ways throughout the game to pose very different challenges. Again the game makes full use of its 100 levels to offer some weird and whacky monster combinations ranging from a flock of purple monsters following a particular trailer to line of springy jack in a boxes and ghostly fire ball shooters.

bubble bobble family

Why not play Bubble Bobble 2 online above and have a look at some of the new monsters that have been created for this flash sequel.

Bubble Bobble Sequels

Rainbow Islands

rainbow islands game

Bubble Bobble has many sequels and games inspired by it's creation including Bubble Town and one of the most well known titles is Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2. In rainbow islands the aim of the game is to get to the top of each level before the island you are on sinks into the sea and you drown.

The game is most acclaimed for having a huge collection of secrets ranging from hidden levels to super high score bonuses. Any player wishing to fully complete this game would have to attribute a substantial amount of time to discovering the vast variety of secrets.

One of the weaknesses of Rainbow Islands is the inability to play a 2 player cooperative. Instead players take turns to attempt the same round.

Bubble Bobble Part 2

Due to its very late release on the NES in 1993 just before this console' popularity faded Bubble Bobble Part 2 is a sort after title with copies being few and far between.

This sequel to Bubble Bobble was released on both the NES and the Gameboy with differing storylines.

In the NES version Cub's girlfriend is captured by a floating skull after spending the day with her in a park. Two characters named 'Drunk' from the original Bubble Bobble game tug Cub's girlfriend off (Judy) leaving Cub with only one choice, to venture into the world of Bubble Bobble once more to rescue Judy.

The Game Boy's storyline doesn't get much more exciting with Rob & Cub's brother having to rescue a village of people under the control of the evil skull character.

Puzzle Bobble

Released in 1994 for the arcade Puzzle Bobble is a 3 of a kind match up game using the theme and dragons from Bubble Bobble. It introduced some interesting and never seen before elements to 3 of a kind matching games such as a caving roof and an inverted stacking system.

You can read more about and play Puzzle Bobble here.

Well enough about the original game and its sequel's, we hope you take the time to play Bubble Bobble pc game at Games Lunatic and enjoy your experience.