Play in a safe online kids virtual world

It doesn't get much better than OurWorld for a safe online environment for your children to play. OurWorld is a sociable online gaming world which has been designed with the safety of children in mind.

Your child can play games, win prizes and socialize with friends whilst offering you the parent various levels of control so that you can tailor the online experience for your child and have peace of mind that your child is playing in a safe online world.

A child's personal information

OurWorld store your child's email address and birthday on a secure server. The information is kept private and not shared with anyone else in the world such as other players. OurWorld have a full privacy policy that protects your child's information.

Setting's to control communication

There are a range of settings that you as the parent can use to control who your child interacts with in the online kids virtual world.

Chat Filtering

There are two levels of chat filtering available. These are:

  • Standard: Players chat is filtered so that bad words and language are not displayed with the goal being to prevent offensive communication with your child.
  • Strong: Players may only communicate using words and phrases from a pre-approved list. The list doesn't include proper nouns, numbers or offensive content. The aim is to offer the best level of safety and prevent the communication of personal information.

What is messaging?

In the online kids virtual world, players can leave comments on each others message boards at any given time in a similiar fashion to email. Players under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the message boards unless they have parental permission.

What if someone uses offensive language?

If someone says anything inappropriate to your child, your child can block that person and you can also report the player to OurWorld and they will take appropriate action.

What fun features do you offer my child?

Custom Avatar

If your child is looking to create their own avatar then look no further than this virtual online world. You can change the precise look of your character with characteristics such as eyes, skin colour and body shape all available to change freely at any time during the creation process and whilst playing! So your character can be changed as many times as you like!

Exciting casual games

OurWorld's online kids virtual world offers a range of premium casual games to play absolutely free! This includes Bejeweled 2, Cake Mania and Diner Dash Game.

They also have an expanding range of flash games to play in the virtual world with the list updated on a weekly basis. This means unlike with other free gaming sites where your child is simply playing games without any communication with other kids, OurWorld encourages friendly communication so your kids can still be improving their communication skills whilst playing games.

Cool Clothes

Your child can create a completely unique avatar from head to toe and dress them in a huge range of fashionable clothes. So if your child really enjoys dress up games, then OurWorld is the number one dress up game to choose.

Easy to play

OurWorld is the biggest and most exciting online kids virtual world made solely of adobe flash which means you do no have to install any software to play the game. This means your child can instantly register and start playing the game hassle free.

Play with your kids

As a parent you can play the game alongside your kids making it an excellent sociable game for the family. This way you will have that extra thing in common with your child to talk about in real life!

Play in this online kids virtual world now for free by signing up for an account above. Click the 'not a member' link in the top right hand corner of the screen.