The Noughts and Crosses game is also known as tic tac toe and many other names. Originally this game was played by pencil and paper, with two players taking it in turns to fill in the spaces in a 3x3 grid using either a O or an X symbol. Now you can play this online noughts and crosses game free. The winner is the player who manages to match 3 of their symbol in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line; but the game can also be drawn.

There are a possible 255,168 combination of games that can be played in Tic Tac Toe. The concept is simple and so it has the reputation for its ease of play which has led to some casinos in the past offering games against trained chickens!

Some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a Noughts and Crosses computer player named 'Tinkeytoy'. It has never lost a game and can be found on display at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Warning! this online Noughts and Crosses is usually played by young children, as discovering the formula to remain undefeated is fairly simple and therefore children then move onto to more complex strategy games that provide a better challenge. If you find yourself getting repeatedly beat by this flash game, consult a doctor!

Flash Noughts And Crosses game is a fun free online game created by Paul Neave. Enjoy it at Games Lunatic!

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